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Protect your dog’s gut with highly resilient, fast-acting, plant-based probiotics.

Our digestion support supplement features our patented, plant-based probiotic that is highly resilient and fast-acting. Most dog owners report seeing results within 2 weeks and in some cases, as quickly as 2-3 days if given consistently. 



Probiotics are helpful bacteria that help stabilize your dog’s gut. To work, probiotics need to make it through not only the manufacturing process, but also through your horse's digestive system. Unfortunately, the majority of probiotics on the market today are extremely sensitive to their environment and helpful bacteria are neutralized before they even make it to the gut. 


While many supplement manufacturers tout CFUs as the answer to increasing survival rate, the truth is that conventional probiotics are simply hit or miss. For more information on our probiotics and how they work, check out our blog post on 'How Probiotics Work'!

Trusted by veterinarians all over the world, we're excited to finally bring our patented probiotic supplement to the pet community!

MitoHealth™ | Probiotic Freeze Dried Apple

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  • When compared to other probiotics our Pediococcus acidilactici NRRL B-50517 strain is :

    • 38.8% more effective at temperatures of 113 degrees Fahrenheit
    • 45.7% more effective when exposed to oxygen
    • 100% more effective at pH 1.5 (typical of stomach acid)

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