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Personalized tasty, functional, plant based dietary supplements to make doggy happy and healthy.

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Transforming your dog’s life forever begins right here. Tell us about your best friend and we will recommend options to help get you started feeding fresh, whole food.

More Excitement At Meal Time

Meet Healthy Weight Goals

More Energy

& Vitality



Customer Love
What they're saying

Greg Paul


Hawk Hill K9 Sports Fitness

“We have worked with Imagilin® Technology, for many years and have witnessed their dedication to providing quality products that provide real, tangible benefits for the agility dogs under our care."


Pamela Lee

DVM, MS, DACVIM (Cardiology)

Veterinary Cardiologist
Rocky Mountain Veterinary Cardiology

“I have used MitoMax®Super on my personal dog Jogee. Jogee will occasionally have days of GI upset (vomiting and diarrhea). Giving her MitoMax®Super helps to eliminate these clinical signs quickly.

I strongly believe that GI health is important to overall health and that the foundation to GI health is based on the GI microbiome. Probiotics like MitoMax®Super help to promote a healthy equilibrium in the GI microbiome by replenishing the “good bacteria”.

I really appreciate the core values of Imagilin® Technology, a family-owned and operated business who are dedicated to my pet’s well-being and whose products are founded on science.”

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