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What make us different?

Plant Based Supplements & Plant Based Probiotics for Pets!

We're scientists that have partnered with equine experts to help develop cleaner, healthier supplements that are safe, effective, and held to a higher standard. We specialize in developing innovative nutritional supplement applications for humans and animals; our products are sold all over the world through several brands and distributors.

Although many of our partners and customers are global, we're based right here in Frederick, Maryland and have been since we first moved out of the Frederick Innovative Technology Center. Since then, we've developed in-house R&D, quality control, and manufacturing facilities that are co-located and completely US-based. These facilities enable us to consistently deliver innovative products with strict quality control standards. 

MitoPets™ Plant-Based Probiotics Supplement for Dogs, Cats, Bird, Fish and Horses.

Ready to join us?

We'll help you find the perfect supplement!

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