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Plant Based Glucosamine for Your Pets

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Depending on the needs of your pet, they may need supplements throughout their life for chronic joint pain and inflammation. As many as 80% of dogs experience symptoms of arthritis by age 8 and 90% of cats by age 12¹-². Glucosamine can be an important addition to your pet’s diet as it can help relieve joint pain, increase mobility, and boost their energy to keep them feeling younger for longer.

Plant Based Glucosamine - Hip and Joint Health for Dogs

What is Glucosamine?

Glucosamine is a chemical naturally found in the body that is used in the process of building tendons, restoring cartilage, and lubricating ligaments and joints³. One of the key benefits of glucosamine is the production of synovial fluid which acts as cushioning for the space between bones and cartilage. Once cartilage is damaged, it is nearly impossible for the effects to be reversed which results in bones painfully rubbing together over time and causing inflammation. Natural production of glucosamine also tends to decline over time in most animals. The addition of glucosamine can help strengthen what is left of the cartilage as well as providing added lubrication to make the impact of the bones less damaging to the joints, therefore reducing inflammation.

Plant Based Glucosamine vs. Shellfish Based Glucosamine

While many glucosamine supplements are readily available on the market, they may contain bulking agents, fillers, binders, emulsifiers, and sweeteners as well as other additives to affect color and texture⁴. Most importantly, they are usually harvested from shellfish chitin (the shells of the shellfish) and can contain harmful contaminants. Meat and shellfish-based supplements can sometimes have toxins that increase inflammation, which is the opposite of the intended affect when introducing glucosamine into the diet for arthritic pain and immobility. There is also the danger of an allergic reaction if your pet has not yet been exposed to shellfish in their diet. All in all, plant-based glucosamine can provide the wanted benefits without the potential detriments to your pet’s health.

Plant Based Glucosamine - Hip and Joint Health for Dogs

MitoJoint™ and Plant Based Glucosamine Freeze Dried Fruit

Skip the additives and contaminants by choosing to add plant-based glucosamine in MitoJoint™ and /or incorporated into foods naturally with Glucosamine Freeze Dried Fruit from MitoHealth®. MitoJoint™ offers the effective plant-based glucosamine, vegan Haylurobic Aicds, and plant based probiotics Mito-5051® from years of research and development of veterinarians and microbiologists. The Glucosamine Freeze dried Fruits not only does it exclude the added components of other supplements, but it also is a tasty snack that is environmentally friendly and provides the added boost of glucosamine your pet needs for pain relief and joint health.

MitoHealth and Mito Joint - Hip and Joint Health for Dogs

Visit to start adding plant-based glucosamine into your pet’s diet today.




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