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Plant Based Probiotics for Pet Digestive Health

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

How many times have you heard the word “probiotic” in the past fifteen years? The world has boomed with probiotics on the market, and it has become commonplace for doctors to recommend them for gut-related issues. This does not stop with people, though. Veterinarians have increasingly seen health benefits associated with animals and their intake of probiotics to relieve symptoms of chronic bowel disease, help with malnutrition, keep fur shiny and healthy, along with many others. All of these are related to having a good and sustainable digestive health. With Mito-5051®, a patented plant-based probiotic, you can help support your pet’s digestive tract naturally with a probiotic that is stomach acid resistant, oxygen resistant, and temperature stable for up to 2 years at room temperature.
Plant Based Probiotics for Pet Digestive Health

What do probiotics do for digestion?

The gut is filled with bacteria called "flora" that promote healthy digestion and nutrient absorption. An imbalance in gut flora prevents the gastrointestinal system from successfully removing toxins in things we ingest every day- specifically food. This toxicity leads to inflammation, irregular bowel movements, and decreased absorption of nutrients. Live probiotics carry multiple digestive enzymes that aid in the digestion of food which ultimately helps alleviate the described symptoms. One of their most crucial jobs is to convert ammonia, which comes from protein digestion and is a toxin, to urea that can then be filtered out of the system¹. While there are different probiotics on the market to aid with the impact of poor gut health, Mito-5051® has unique qualities that distinguish it from others.

Mito-5051 Plant Based Probiotics

Mito-5051® and Pet Digestive Health

Mito-5051® is derived from a strain of Pediococcus acidialactici, a group of probiotics that are derived from wild grasses and are equipped to survive nature’s harsh environmental conditions, making it the perfect probiotic for the body’s everchanging environment. Because Mito-5051® is derived from plants that often must survive acid rain, it is also able to survive the high acidity of the stomach and successfully make it to the digestive tract. The introduction live Pediococcus bacteria into your pet’s gastrointestinal system helps restore the balance of gut flora versus harmful bacteria, removing some of the built-up toxins that have made a home in their system. This combined with the proper absorption of nutrients helps your pet feel good on the inside and outside by providing your pet with more energy and promoting shinier, healthy fur². While probiotics are helpful at any time, there are particular cases where your pet would benefit- while undergoing treatment for an infection where they were prescribed antibiotics.

Plant Based Probiotics for Pet Digestive Health

Mito-5051® and Antibiotics: The Dynamic Duo

Mito-5051 Probiotic Compatible with Antibiotic

Because antibiotics are designed to kill the harmful bacteria from infection, they also kill common probiotics since they are what are known as "gram-positive bacteria"³. Mito-5051® is special since it is compatible with antibiotics with no diminishing effectiveness. While your pet is undergoing treatment for another illness, why let their gut imbalance add to the list of their symptoms? Mito-5051® is the perfect probiotic to keep your pet sustainably happy and healthy.



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